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HISTORY has been successful all around the world in engaging viewers and bringing the art of storytelling to a whole new level of entertainment. HISTORY has transformed a niche channel with a narrow audience and an academic connotation into an entertaining and relevant channel with broad audience appeal. By doing away with documentaries and black and white footage and adding instead, a host of colorful and relatable characters and compelling story-telling, we’ve made history active and accessible to everyday viewers. On HISTORY, viewers are not watching programs about history – they’re watching human stories that come to life and thrust them into the action, challenging perceptions of what history is. HISTORY is now available in over 185 territories worldwide, reaching more than 330 million subscribers.

Technical specifications:

Orbital position Transponder Frequency, polarization Symbol Rate FEC Encoding
Eutelsat 36B (W7)
36 E 14 11976,82 MHz,  27,5 MSps 3/4 Viaccess
140 D3 11387 МГц, Vertical 30.000 Мс/с 3/4 Irdeto
Horizons 2
85 K6 11920 Мгц, Horizontal 28,8 Мсимв/с 2/3 Irdeto