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Food Time is a TV channel for those who are not afraid to experiment in the kitchen. Go on a gastronomic journey with us.
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World Chef
World chef Ilya Lazerson with equal ease creates culinary hits of the cuisines of the peoples of the world, incredibly refined and the simplest dishes. Go on a gastronomic journey without leaving home, discover new countries, through their inherent heritage-national cuisine.
Surprise me delicious
Dmitry Rudakov has tried many things that are considered unusual. The chefs will show imagination and try to impress the gourmet host. How this duel of tastes will end and whether the guests of the program will be able to surprise Dmitry-see the program "Surprise me delicious"!
Pot in the ear or crazy Balakhanov
Konstantin Balakhanov-a genius of culinary swagger creates the unimaginable in the kitchen. It uses tweezers, pipettes, super sharp knives, and even a welding machine. Each program is a test of the survival of his companion, a complete amateur in the kitchen.
Sweet pranks
With Nastya Yagodkina you will not get bored: if donuts, then with eyes, sweet cream, but with pepper, and cakes - with dill.
King of the Plate
The show "The King of the Plate" is an exciting competition of amateur cooks, who will have to show their erudition, creative flight, and the will to win. The witty tasks of the host Ilya Lazerson will intrigue both the participants and the audience. Who are you: the king of the plate or an as-yet-unknown talented amateur?
Exceptional food
Exceptional food is one from which undesirable components are excluded. Well, or almost excluded. For someone, gluten is undesirable, and for someone-lactose or sucrose. Food restrictions are different, but this is not a reason for suffering. Presenter Yulia Makiyenko knows how to prepare special desserts and pastries, she creatively reworks the usual recipes and generously shares her findings. Watch, master and recover!