Distribution of PayTV channels and VOD content from the world's leading producers

Our company was founded in 2004 by PayTV industry professionals. We help our clients create and monetize TV content, consult on the integration and promotion of TV channels in their market.

We localize channels & content creation, provide marketing support, financial management and broadcast the TV channels all over Russia and the CIS.
Consulting support
We evaluate the viewership data of the TV content in the market, and we provide an evaluation in comparison with your competition. We will teach you how to receive your own license for broadcasting in Russia and the CIS and what kind of work is necessary to localize and promote your TV channel.
Creating local versions
We will help you develop your TV channel based upon the ideas of the client and the analysis of the market you are in and the target audience. We develop the graphic design, help you adapt to any situation and translate the content necessary. We deliver the processed TV content to the required TV operators in Russia and the CIS countries.
Dubbing studio
We provide full-service localization support including translation, script composition and adaptation, voice talent casting, dubbing, subtitling, accessibility and other media services for international, regional, and local content owners and distributors.
Dubbing studio​
TV signal distribution
Thanks to our partners, who provide the use of international satellite operators, we deliver content to viewers everywhere in Russia and the CIS countries.