TV channel for modern cinema and timeless classics

This channel broadcasts Italian, French, Russian, Australian, and American movies from different periods. All films were Box-office hits and many were awarded cinematic awards. The channel's repertoire includes both newer films and those that have already made a mark in cinema history.
Romance & dramas
Comedies and adventures
Action movies & crime dramas
Thrillers and horror movies

Movie hits without ads

TV XXI offers daily movie premieres. In a year viewers can see more than 365 new movies, all without advertising. A distinctive feature of the channel is the complete absence of TV shows in the schedule.
On the air since 2001
Movies are broadcast non-stop and without any commercials
20M subscribers
The channel is available in all ex-USSR countries
Broad demographic
Ages 25−60. Especially family audiences
Broadcast quality
Broadcasts in SD
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Satellite broadcasting