Popular science media service created by John Hendricks, the founder of Discovery Channel

The service was launched in the U.S. in 2015 and has now won the hearts of 13 million viewers worldwide.

Now the CuriosityStream service is available in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries! Fans of popular science content will get access to educational programs, documentaries and series dedicated to natural sciences, history, paleontology, social studies.
Space exploration
Biographies of extraordinary people
Regional history, archaeological digs
Investigations & court drama

Less entertainment, more education

Studies show that human brain always has the appetite to know more, to improve itself. 70% of Internet users want to learn something new from the videos they are watching. Only 1 in 5 streaming videos is dedicated to entertainment. More than a half of them think that online video content is more effective as an educational medium than traditional methods.
videos with a constantly expanding catalogue
original/exclusive feature films and series (in HD and 4К/UHD)
all TV shows and programs in excellent quality
total cost of production

Our catalogue has more than 3500 titles

Popular science topics
In-house production
Trending content (Coronavirus, Mars rover launch, AI breakthroughs)
Themed collections
English closed captions and soundtrack
4K/UHD content
Popular science podcasts
Licensing of your choice (PAY TV, OTT, FREE TV, SVOD, VOD, EST)