Colorful and creative take on history

HISTORY 2 embraces the concept of an 'unconventional history' in a vivid and accessible format. HISTORY2 programs draw unexpected historical parallels, uncover fascinating stories, and present surprising facts that you will want to share with your friends.
Aliens and mysteries
Science and technology
War and weaponry

In the TOP-3 in terms of viewing time in male audiences

HISTORY 2 is documentary programs and series for history buffs, interesting theories about history, aliens and mysteries, science and technology, war and weapons. In total, the HISTORY2 catalogue includes more than 4,500 hours of international programming watched in more than 65 countries.
On the air since 2011
The channel’s catalogue features over 4,500 hours of international programming
350M viewers
Available in more than 65 countries
Demographic: males
In the TOP-3 in terms of viewing time for men aged 25—54
Broadcasting quality
Broadcasts in SD, HD

Satellite broadcasting

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