Katya and Fedya live in the village, they have amazing friends — a family of unusual creatures led by Barbapapa.

All these creatures grew up in the garden like flowers, they have different colors and they can take any shape.

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Funny and incredibly charming
Barbapapa grew up in the garden like a flower. It can take any form. Everyone loves Barpapapa very much for his kindness. For his family, Barbapapa built a house near the village where Katya and Fedya live. There are no difficulties that Barbapapa could not find a way out of. The power of imagination and several transformations help him out in any situation! Barbapapa is always ready to help. His complacency knows no bounds.
Barbamama and Barbapapa are inseparable. She loves to cook for her children, take care of the house and garden. And she can build anything, fix dams and even stop the flow of lava from the volcano! Barbamama always has a lot to do!
Barbabelle is very pretty. She loves jewelry, outfits and perfumes. And she also wears makeup for a long time to become irresistible! Barbabelle is afraid of small hairy insects: for example, caterpillars or spiders. She faints every time she sees them!
Barbalala loves music and knows how to play all musical instruments. And she is also interested in nature, like her brother Barbazoo. Barbalala is very peaceful and likes to dream. She almost never gets angry. In general, Barbalala is just a miracle!
Barbabright is a great scientist. He is well versed in chemistry, astrophysics and even genetics. Suspicious drugs, crazy machines... Sometimes Barbabright invents something useful, but usually it ends in disaster!
Barbazoo loves and protects nature and all animals. He is strong in natural sciences. Knows everything about animals and plants, climate and environmental pollution. Barbazoo is suspicious of many of Barbalab's experiments in the field of genetics. And most of the time he's right…
Barbabravo is an athlete. He is very strong and always eager to win. And he also likes to be a leader. And he likes to eat, too. Sherlock Holmes Costume (hat and magnifying glass) and the help of his faithful companion Lolita helps him solve a variety of mysteries. Sometimes Barbabravo is too pleased with himself, but overall he's a great guy.
Barbalib is an intellectual and activist. She can always be found behind a book. She is very smart and likes to behave like a teacher. She doesn't have the simplest character. Barbalib often quarrels with Barbabravo because he also wants to be a leader.
Barbabeau is very hairy. He's also an artist. He almost never leaves his sketchbook. Barbabeau draws beautifully with pencil and paints, sculpts sculptures and other objects. Sometimes, in a burst of inspiration, Barbabeau becomes very sensitive.
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